The association

The association "The Knights of St. Fina" was born in 1993 with the aim to revive the ancient town of San Gimignano events of its medieval history.

Its name honors Fina of Ciardi, the girl died in the odor of sanctity on 12 March 1253 and became a patron saint of San Gimignano.

The group of Knights, referring to documents of the thirteenth century, proving the participation of knights in the battles of San Gimignano Montaperti (1260) and Campaldino (1289), he wished to recall some aspects of the tradition of chivalry, reviving even the four historic districts of San Giovanni, Piazza, Castello, San Matteo.

The "knights" participate in official events in the city, particularly, the celebration of the Feast of the Holy and evoke an annual basis, the traditional "Holiday Messium" (Harvest Holidays), established with statutory sections entitled "De Ferriis Ponendis" of 1255 (II, 29) and the 1314 (II, 11). This medieval harvest festival, which was celebrated by the entire population as recurrence priority crops, was a source of fun with songs, dances, games and fights between champions on horseback armed with sticks (jousting sticks).

In the past, the association is also composed of a sports industry who attended the Mount Work (discipline recognized by the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation) that took place in 2 some.
The association than to honor with his presence all occurrences towns, participated over the years in numerous historical events that took place in other cities in Italy and abroad.

The Association for the conduct of its activities with the collaboration of agencies and groups, including theFanfarenzug di Meersburg, sister city of San Gimignano.
The association is governed by a president and a council composed of six directors (including a vice-president, a treasurer and a secretary) And by the captains of the four districts. These bodies make decisions and organize all the events related to the association.

The Board It is as follows:

  • President: Thomas Trosino
  • VICE: Luciano Bani
  • SECRETARY: Federico Cappelli
  • TREASURER: Daniele Leoncini
  • DIRECTOR: John Giannini
  • COUNCILLOR: Piero Nigi
  • DIRECTOR: Simon Donato

I contrada captains are:

  • San Giovanni Contrada: Aladdin Masi
  • Contrada di Castello: Patrick Rosini
  • Contrada Piazza Giancarlo Giomi
  • Contrada San Matteo: Silvano Bulleri

Economic contributions of public bodies

Supplying authorityCommonAmount collected (VAT inclusive)Data collection
CommonSan Gimignano€ 18.50021/12/2018

The undersigned Thomas Trosino, as legal representative of the Knights of Santa Fina, aware that the law 124/2017 (art. 1, cc 125 ff) requires non-profit organizations publish on their sites or digital portals of "information relating to grants, contributions, paid positions and at low-cost advantages of any kind received "by institutions and public companies, under penalty of restitution of the sums DECLARES that the data and the information herein the 2018 They are comprehensive and respond to the real.
San Gimignano 16/02/2019