The Contrada di Castello is a small part of the territory of the historic center of San Gimignano and takes its name from the homonymous, Via del Castello, which leads to the Piazza della Cisterna complex than was the "Bishop's Castle", whose existence is proved by a document 929 d.C., subsequently transformed in the Convent of Saint Dominic in 1396 where they remained until the Dominicans 1787, Finally prison since 1833 until 1991, now waiting for a radical recovery and home to many local associations, including that of "I Cavalieri di Santa Fina".

CastelloThe color that represents the Contrada is yellow, the coat of arms is depicted on the background of the same color as a red shield with a white castle.

Captain Contrada is Patrick Rosini.

A curiosity: the Contrada di Castello in the past has had its first female Captain, Claudia Verdolini, who carried out this task by 2003 to the 2008.

The district of Castello was awarded "The Golden Sword" in 2005 with the rider Marco Tompetrini of Caramel, in 2011 with Marco Tompetrini of Strider.

There have been numerous victories in competitive archery, specialty in which the Contrada has collaborated with the group "Archers Certaldesi".

A nice initiative organized by the Contrada di Castello was "Santa Claus Yellow" which has seen over the last three years parade through the streets of the historical center of San Gimignano, a day before Christmas, a large group of Contrada not in medieval costume, but dressed as Santa Claus strictly yellow. This cheerful group, with a lot of coats of arms, flags and bells, distributed candy and greeting passers-by, wowing the cold winter days.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the Contrada di Castello, to attend the dinner, which takes place Contrada, traditionally, every year in late August in the former convent of San Domenico, spending a happy evening with good music and enjoy the wholesome food prepared by Castellane and Castellani.

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