Ten-years celebration Wine Museum

Ten-years celebration Wine Museum

celebrazione decennale museo del vino

Ten-years celebration Wine Museum poster

I Cavalieri di Santa Fina will participate to the celebration of the Ten-years of the Wine Museum foundation in Rocca di Montestaffoli Thursday 6 th June 2013 from 17.30 to 21.00, entertaining with the performance of drums and flags of San Gimignano.

The Wine Museum waits for you with tasting of typical products in combination with San Gimignano wines..
The cookbook by Giulia Scarpaleggia will be presented too..

Cost of glass to make the tasting: € 6

Event on Facebook: 10 years with the Wine Museum 2003-2013

The drums and flag marched through the city streets and then reached the Rocca of Montestaffoli and entertained the audience with several shows distributed on several occasions during the afternoon, perfect synchrony between the launch of the flags and drumbeats that fascinated the gaze and attention of viewers.

Surprising the flag teacher Michelangelo Capillo, who has dabbled with a demonstration of increasing difficulty, from two to four flags.

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