Ferie Messium 19-20-21 th June 2015

Ferie Messium 19-20-21 th June 2015

The Ferie Messium - Medieval Harvest Festival 2015 will take place in 19-20-21 th June 2015.

What is the Ferie Messium?

The third weekend of June each year, the Knights of St. Fina evoke the traditional "Holiday Messium", established with statutory sections entitled "De Ferriis Ponendis" of 1255 (II, 29) and the 1314 (II,11).

This medieval harvest festival, which was celebrated by the entire population as recurrence priority crops, was a source of fun with songs, dances, games, e combattimenti tra campioni a cavallo armati di bastone (carousel sticks). One of the elements of "Harvest Holidays" (first organized in October 1994) sarà il grande corteo, in which colors, objects, and numerous characters symbolically express the relationship between earth and fertility. The ritual of the blessing of the horses of the four districts, the carousel of sticks, the game of tug of war, the medieval market, adhere as much as possible the Medieval Philology.

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Ospiti della Ferie delle Messi 2015

  • the association Ancient Works of Medicine, that in Piazza delle Erbe propose a medieval market, exposing the business and the art of the craftsmen of the time, by smiths, potters, filatrici, tanners, furriers, herbalists and shoemakers
  • the Antica Falconeria Toscana, that will show aerobatic flights of its prey and will hold classes on how to
  • the Fanfarenzug di Meersburg (Germany), sister city of San Gimignano
  • the Wavers of The City of L'Aquila
  • the Compagnia di San Salvatore Abbey (SI)
  • il gruppo Arteare che realizzerà lo spettacolo del sabato sera cui è protagonista la vita di San Francesco, portando in scena il Cantico delle Creature.

Iniziative contestuali alla Ferie delle Messi 2015

  • la mostra fotografica di Andrea Migliorini, che espone i suoi scatti sulle edizioni passate della Ferie delle Messi in Sala di Cultura, Via San Giovanni

  • Arcobaleno d’Estate, promossa dalla Regione Toscana, prevista per Saturday 20 giugno alle ore 17,30 Piazza del Duomo. The “brindisi” alla Toscana e alle sue eccellenze si svolgerà durante il tiro alla fune: in quel momento gli spettatori condivideranno fotografie e video sulla gara sui social media con l’hashtag #arcobalenodestate.

  • Condividiamo il Medioevo, contest su Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

How is composed the event?

The event is divided into three days:

  • Friday night
  • Saturday all day
  • Sunday all day.

The Friday evening constitutes the overture of the party, with the performance of the groups in the Middle Ages Dance, Tamburi Chiarine e Bandiere di San Gimignano e gli ospiti della Fanfarenzug di Meersburg.

The Saturday morning the streets of the country, from the two main gates, will be animated by the sounds and colors of the group of Drums and Trumpets Antique Flags and San Gimignano, which will reach the fortress of Montestaffoli. In Rocca visitors will find rest in the tavern, intrattendosi with performances of the groups del'associazione: Dance and Society in Medieval Arms of the Rocca di Montestaffoli.

The Saturday afternoon the people of the four Contradas presents itself to the public and is positioned on the steps of the Duomo in line for the district. On the steps of the Town Hall is available to the dignitaries of the City and Drums. Each district shall submit to the public the rider and the horse for the competition on Sunday: the the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race).

At 16.30 Piazza del Duomo, the Antica Falconeria Toscana will show the intellect of their birds of prey, that will impress the audience with the speed and acrobatic flights.

Following, are held two races: the tug of war among men of the four Contradas, while the girls will compete in the race of the braid.

In the evening, the performance of flag-waving L'Aquila, a lesson on how to govern the hawks and live in harmony with them and after dinner, the performance of the drums, dancers and riders and the spectacle dedicated to San Francesco edited by Arteare. After a scenic representation-play about the love between knights and ladies,

The Sunday morning Piazza del Duomo is carried out according to the rite of preparation the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race): The Rite of Purification, in which the minister of God blessed the horses and the public, followed by greetings from the mayor and the lands to the people.

Rite of Purification - Ferie Messium

Rite of Purification Harvest Holidays - Photo: Duccio Naccarato

Dopo il Rito, towards the fortress of Montestaffoli, everyone can learn how to become a friend of the hawks and eat at Taverna.

After the performance of flag-waving of The City of L'Aquila birds of prey and falconry Teacher, from 17 on a river of colors and rollers will cross the streets of San Gimignano, from the main gates to the Rock of Montestaffoli: the Parade Messi, composed of about 500 figures that follow Flora, Queen of Spring, seated on a chariot pulled by oxen.

The procession will reach the fortress of Montestaffoli where you will play the the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race), a horse race among the knights of the four drappellone tones alfano holiday of the harvestFactions, whose purpose is to strike first, at the end of the path, a helmet supported on a pole by means of a stick, supplied to each rider. La contrada vincitrice si aggiudicherà la Spada d’Oro, which will be delivered in the Piazza del Duomo.

In addition to the Golden Sword, the winner will be honored by the Drappellone, depicting Santa Fina and bearing the colors of the four Contradas, il logo dei Cavalieri e lo stemma del Comune di San Gimignano.

The first Drappellone 2014 was realized by San Gimignano Alessandro Andreuccetti, for the 2015 the association took a contest for the Drappellone production, winned by the designer Toni Alfano, born in 1977, form Milan but lives in Monteriggioni since 2013.

On Saturday and Sunday, in Piazza della Cisterna and in Piazza delle Erbe will take place a medieval market, a cui è possibile partecipare facendo apposita domanda.

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