rag holiday of the harvest

The Ferie Messium Rag

The edition 2014 of the Ferie Messium will be characterized by , between the novelties, the "Cencio", representing Santa Fina, San Gimignano patron.

The rag, painted by the San Gimignano artist Alessandro Andreuccetti, will be given to the winner knight of the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race).

The Golden Sword and the "Cencio"

The Giostra dei Bastoni prize, a golden sword, a royalty symbol, wealth and fertility, together with a 'rag' depicting Santa Fina and showing the colors of the four Contradas, is donated to the winner knight by Flora, the “domina mundi”, the lady of the world, because it is the nature, luxuriant and perennial, a nature that prevails everywhere in the countryside of San Gimignano, making this city 'the most beautiful among the beautiful'. A triumph of nature, art, history and culture.

Photo: Massimo Bilenchi

rag holiday of the harvest

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