Ferie Messium Plan 2014

Ferie Messium Plan 2014

The ancient markets

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June - pm 10 to 20

Piazza delle Erbe

Reconstruction of a medieval market that offers highly philological key in the business and the art of the craftsmen of the time, by smiths, potters, filatrici, tanners, furriers, herbalists and shoemakers.

Edited by "Ancient Crafts" Association from Medicina, Italy

Piazza della Cisterna

A real market for medieval objects, faithfully reconstructed, to buy a souvenir or for future entertainment. Things no longer produced, and which are proudly displayed only on the stalls set up on the occasion of this extraordinary festival.

FRIDAY 13 June

Piazza Duomo - hours 18,30 / Rock of Montestaffoli - hours 18,50

Shines on the feast

Performance of Meersburg with Fanfarenzug, Following, parade of the same towards the fortress of Montestaffoli where will take place the opening of the taverns and the beginning of the first actions of the show in the Rock, with 'life in a medieval camp' and the resumption of musical Fanfarenzug.

Rock of Montestaffoli - hours 19, 15

The Group of Arms and the Dancers of the Knights of St. Fina in fighting with bayonets and medieval dances in a circle.

Piazza Duomo - hours 21,30

I drum, accompanied by trumpets and the old flags, will create a series of actions that will alternate on stage together with the Group of Arms and Dance of the Knights of Saint Fina.

Saturday 14 June

From the Porta San Giovanni at Rocca di Montestaffoli - hours 11.30
From Porta San Matteo Rocca di Montestaffoli - hours 12

A symbolic journey

Symbolically, the uphill struggle expresses the quest for the Absolute, and because the life of each, on this earth, tends to the intrinsic quality of human nature itself, in this direction, the two paths that the group Drums, Trumpets and Flags faces, manifest an attitude which today, as in the Middle Ages, lives and is present in the soul of men. And the Rock, becomes a representation of the ideal city, that is, the heavenly Jerusalem depicted as a turreted castle in the religious art of the Middle Ages.

Rock of Montestaffoli - hours 12 (In conjunction with the opening of taverns)

A marriage of delights

Performance of the Group and of the Armed Dancers who, together with the Archers, will create a happy and delightful entertainment at the same time for all those who want to sit at the cool shadows to savor the genuine traditional food of San Gimignano.

Piazza Duomo - hours 16,30

As Hercules at the Crossroads, the choice

The knights on steeds caparisoned, in the infantry weapons and all the people of the Four Contradas enter the Heart of the City where there will be the choice that will represent the Knights in the Joust of Wands. The day will run for the best glory of the winning Contrada.

Piazza Duomo - 17.30

The Celestial Hawk

Almost inseparable companion of many knights, where in the thumbnails and in the frescoes of the time is proudly displayed in their hands, the hawk fly by fast and agile and sharp-eyed and sparkling, can not suggest a celestial symbolism and solar, like the eagle with whom he has many traits in common. The intelligence of these birds of prey will be enhanced by this performance, to be admired for the speed and flight of the acrobatics that this bird is able to express. By the Falconry Teacher.

Piazza Duomo - 18

Tug of war between the champions of the Four Contradas

If the Middle Ages understood the Force as a virtue victorious on the passions and instincts through the use of reason and intellect, raffigurandola in the guise of a young girl who effortlessly opens the jaws of a lion (the Christian Fortitude), On this occasion we should resort to the image of Hercules, struggling furiously, defeating the Nemean lion. There is in fact nothing more coherent, since here today and the antagonists are hard men, violently powered by the passion for victory, as was the feeling of the men of the Middle Ages when it competed with each other.

Piazza Duomo - 18,30

A braid difficult

More than the force, is the speed and intelligence to govern this competition among the young girls of the Districts. The spirit of competition is the same as the giants of soul rope, as well as the joy of victory.

Piazza Duomo - 19,30

Riot of flags

Exhibition of flag-waving of the City of L'Aquila, aerial choreography with great showmanship.

Rock of Montestaffoli - hours 20

A amico Rapace

A lesson on how to govern the hawks and live with them in harmony. By the Falconeria Maestra.

Piazza Duomo - hours 21,30

When the day turns his wheel

Performances of Fanfarenzug Meersburg, Group Dance in medieval dances, Group of Arms in combats 'against each other with guns', of
Group Drums, Trumpets and flags of the Knights of Saint Fina.

Piazza Duomo - hours 22,30

Nocturna: fires in the night

Event strong emotional impact on the natural fire that he is the protagonist of this show is: swords, torches, fans, corde e bastoni
tools are challenged by the artists in duels courteous, folk dances, choreography and numbers spits fire.

Sunday 15 June

From Via San Giovanni Piazza Duomo - hours 11,30

When you are in sbandierar great artists (Part One)

Exhibition of flag-waving of the City of L'Aquila.

Piazza Duomo - hours 12

The Great Rite

The Knights of the four Contradas, escorted by the militia and the people around, arrive in the Square where they will be greeted by the Mayor for the auspicious greeting, while the Minister of God, down the bleachers at Antiche and sacred stones, they hand you the Blessing against the 'bad pericula' race in the afternoon will see the riders 'vie among them in accordance with trepidation'.

Followed performance of the group and the warrior dance of "The Knights of the Feast of censi" of the Abbey of San Salvatore

Rock of Montestaffoli - hours 13

A falcon friend

Following the Drum, Trumpets and the flags of the Knights of Saint Fina, together with the set, will head, after the Great Rite, towards the Rock, everyone can learn how to become a Friend of the Hawks by sharing with them a lifetime of emotions. By the Falconry Teacher.

From Via San Matteo Piazza Duomo - hours 16

When you are in sbandierar great artists (Part Two)

Exhibition of flag-waving of the City of L'Aquila.

Piazza Duomo - hours 16,30

Falconi, astori, smerletti and hawks

Just as the title, Folgore da San Gimignano, the most illustrious poet of this noble city, listed in her sonnet In September, several species of birds of prey, over the eagle, known in the Middle Ages. The training of hawks was, then and now, a true science and the general public will have great demonstration here.

From Porta San Matteo Porta San Giovanni and the Parco della Rocca - hours 17

The parade of Messi

An expected moment, one of the most exciting. Soldiers encased in armor, cavalieri su cavalli bardati, infantry with pikes, lance e scudi, porters insignia, noble women dressed with the best clothes, the people close around festive Flora, Queen of Spring, seated on a chariot pulled by oxen. A procession of more than five hundred people in. A unique experience to breathe the 'dream of the Middle Ages'.

Parco della Rocca - hours 18

The Tournament of Wands

Around the fence run the Knights of the four Contradas to be the first to hit the iron helmet, placed at the center of the path. A helmet that is, with symbolic significance, As the Knights want to break down, ie the evils that hinder the harvest and the enemies who dare groped the city.

Piazza Duomo - hours 19,30 as.

The Golden Sword and the "Cencio"

The Giostra dei Bastoni prize, a golden sword, a royalty symbol, wealth and fertility, together with a 'rag' depicting Santa Fina and showing the colors of the four Contradas, is donated to the winner knight by Flora, the “domina mundi”, the lady of the world, because it is the nature, luxuriant and perennial, a nature that prevails everywhere in the countryside of San Gimignano, making this city 'the most beautiful among the beautiful'. A triumph of nature, art, history and culture.

Coordination directorial Andrea Vitali
Consulting historical and symbolic: Associazione Culturale Le Tarot

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