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Mercato Medievale della Ferie delle Messi 2017

Il mercato medievale della Ferie delle Messi 2017 si terrà a San Gimignano nei giorni sabato 17 and Sunday 18 th June 2017. Le bancarelle medievali saranno collocate negli spazi assegnati dall’associazione in Piazza della Cisterna e in Piazza delle Erbe.

How to participate as an exhibitor at the medieval market?

You must request la tessera di socio temporaneo, by requesting the form by sending an email to info @, and fill out the application form below to the medieval market with the following information:

  • Nome, cognome, e-mail address Exhibitor
  • Misure del banco in lunghezza e larghezza espresse in metri. Il costo di iscrizione è dipendente dalle misure del banco.
    • Euro 60,00 per un banco di 3 x 2 m (6mq)
    • Euro 90,00 per un banco di dimensioni comprese tra 6mq e 12mq. Non saranno ammessi banchi di dimensioni superiori.
  • type of goods to set forth with photographic documentation (digital), They can be exposed only goods related to the Middle Ages in which the show adheres;
  • the counter and coverage must be relevant to the medieval period, with sending photos of the bench;
  • the sales personnel and the conduct of the bench must be dressed in clothes and accessories in medieval style;
  • any of deck lighting and exposed goods must be made without the use of generators and is not allowed any kind of connection to the grid. They are accepted any artificial lighting provided masked / veiled in medieval style;
  • Type and registration number of the means of transport of the goods (for the possible authorization for access to the squares where the market takes place);
  • confirms to have read and accepted the rules.

Hai tempo per iscriverti fino al 30 April 2017.

If there are other open positions you will be accepted and assigned based on the arrival date of the application in the period 1 – 20 May 2017.

Leggi e scarica il regolamento del mercato medievale

Modulo per l’invio della richiesta

Name and surname (*)

Your email (*)

Bench dimensions in meters (width x length) (*)

Type of means of transport (*)

Plate of the means of transport (*)

Bench image (minimum one, massimo 2 foto, max 3MB) size (*)

Product images (minimum one, massimo 4 foto, max 3MB) size (*)

Your message presentation

Type the characters that you find in the image before sending the request

Dichiaro di aver letto e accettato le condizioni del regolamento dei banchi per il mercato medievale per la Ferie delle Messi 2018

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