Presentazione del Drappellone Ferie delle Messi 2016

There's Harvest Holidays without Giostra dei Bastoni and there Giostra dei Bastoni without Drappellone.

we ask, but when we see it?
Saturday 4 June at 18 Theatre Leggieri, Piazza del Duomo, We will reveal the mystery of the award made by the artist Sonia Rossetti.

The association groups will open the presentation of the Palio of the Harvest Holidays 2016 and the dancers of Medioevo in Danza They will perform on the stage of the theater.
In addition to the association's leaders will be present Gianfranco Paolini Master of field the Harvest Holidays and president of the Last Supper Alessandro Andreuccetti.
More will be exposed all the sketches of the participants the competition of drappellone and eventually celebrate all with an appetizer buffet in the former convent of San Domenico.

(Photo: Andrea Migliorini)

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