District of San Matteo

San MatteoThe Contrada di San Matteo affects the following areas of the historical center of San Gimignano: Via San Matteo, via Folgore, via delle Romite, via Capassi, Sant'Agostino square and surrounding areas as indicated by the map of factions division.

The color that represents the Contrada is green, the coat of arms depicts the eponymous holy evangelist as depicted by classical iconography.

The Captain of the Contrada is Silvano Bulleri. The town was first captain Serafo Stores.

The district of St. Matthew was awarded in 2009 competitions of archery and braid between females, while in 2010 the tug of war. In the early years of the establishment of the district, it has stood for several years in a row winning over the tug-of-war.

The Contrada San Matteo organized by 2011, in May, the "Green Day: Lunch ni forest", that is, an outdoor lunch in the village of San Gimignano forest, characterized by the grill and turned dall'arrosto. In June of organizing the dinner set, while around the end of July each year hosts dinner open to the public in the charming Piazza of St. Augustine.

In the pre-Christmas period, the set of Contrada parade through the streets dressed as Santa Claus, accompanied by two donkeys in the distribution of sweets and chocolates to children and passing through the village streets. From 2012 the same as "donkeys" will participate in the procession of the Harvest Holidays.

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