Ferie Messium
Medieval Old Event
14-15-16 June 2019

I relive the Middle Ages in San Gimignano on 14-15-16 th June 2019

The Knights of Santa Fina establishing the Harvest Holidays, historical and medieval re-enactment, to return to San Gimignano made of medieval life, including the celebration of crops (the "put").

The medieval festival, organized together with Town of San GimignanoIt is registered to the list of regional pageants of the Tuscany Region.

The event grew out"I will mess", established with statutory sections entitled "De Ferriis Ponendis" of 1255 (II, 29) and the 1314 (II,11).

revolves around invariant elements: Parade Messi, where colors, objects, characters symbolically express the relationship between the earth and fertility; the ritual blessing of the horses of the four quarters; there the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race); the game of tug of war and gara della treccia, the medieval market.

The poster for the Harvest Holidays 2019

This medieval festival, which was celebrated by the entire population as recurrence priority crops, was a source of fun with songs, dances, games, e combattimenti tra campioni a cavallo armati di bastone (carousel sticks). One of the elements of "Harvest Holidays" (first organized in October 1994) sarà il grande corteo, in which colors, objects, and numerous characters symbolically express the relationship between earth and fertility. The ritual of the blessing of the horses of the four districts, the carousel of sticks, the game of tug of war, the medieval market, adhere as much as possible the Medieval Philology.

Friday 14 th June 2019: It opens the Harvest Holidays!


18.30 – Piazza Duomo

French sound

exhibition of Fanfarenzug di Meersburg. Al termine, all on a journey following the fanfare to the Rock of Montestaffoli where the audience will find the 'Taverna Wonderland', well to satisfy their taste buds.

19.00 – Rock of Montestaffoli

The very soft look (It dolcissimo sguardo)

Ensemble Medioevo in Danza and itinerant animation Dodo Mastro Jester.

The image may contain: 2 seats, Fire and Night
Dodo Mastro Jester (Photo: official page DoDo)

21.30 – Piazza Duomo

exhibition of Fanfarenzug di Meersburg and group shows Trumpets and drums Flags e All Medioevo in Danza.

Following The Joco instead of roaming ... the daring exploits of Dodo Mastro Jester

The times will be preceded by brief interventions Giullareria dell 'Association Arteare

Flags of the group Exhibition Drums, Trumpets and flags (Pictures Andrea Migliorini)
giullar funny art in San Gimignano
The Giullar Jocoso Association Arteare- (Photo Tina Fasulo)

The ancient markets - Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 th June 2019

From 10 at 20, Piazza della Cisterna and Piazza delle Erbe will host a medieval objects Market, faithfully reconstructed to buy a souvenir or for future entertainment.

The ancient crafts - Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 th June 2019

Reconstruction of a medieval market that offers the business and the art of the craftsmen blacksmiths, potters, filatrici, tanners, herbalists, custom thank you all '"Ancient Crafts" Association from Medicina, Italy.

Saturday 15 th June 2019: The districts, the station, the evening show

11.30 Porta San Giovanni and Porta San Matteo to the Rock of Montestaffoli for the opening of Taverna Wonderland.

On Saturday morning the village streets, from the two main gates, They will be animated by the sounds and colors of the group Drums, Trumpets and Flags of San Gimignano , which they reach the Rock of Montestaffoli.

12.00 – Rock of Montestaffoli

In the tavern, we do not know what is curamos sollazzi of rice with the ground ... Santo Company Macinello

The image may contain: 3 seats, beard and open space
Santo Company Macinello (Photo from the official Facebook page)

12.00 – Piazza Duomo

In the feast with The rattles Tagatam

from 16.30 to 19.00 itinerant animation timings with some artists of the Arteare

In Rocca visitors can find refreshment in taverna and dabble in the eye with medieval war machines.

16.30 - Piazza Duomo - A magnificent apparatus

The people of four Contradas It is presented to the public and is positioned on the steps of the Cathedral of San Gimignano. On the steps of the Town Hall is available to the dignitaries of the City and Drums. Each district shall submit to the public the rider and the horse for the competition on Sunday: the the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race).


17.30 – Piazza Duomo - A labyrinth of towels

Race of the braid between the youth of the Four Districts.


18.00 - Cathedral Square - Triumphs of strength

Tug of war between the Four Districts

Tug of war, contrada of Castello - Vincenzo Ianniciello

18.30 - Piazza Duomo

In the feast with The rattles Tagatam

19.30 – Piazza Duomo - Vexilla regis

Exhibition of Flag-wavers of the Eagle City. Al termine, on the way to the Rock.


19.30 – Rock of Montestaffoli

In the tavern, we do not know what is curamos sollazzi of rice with the ground ... Santo Company Macinello

21.30 - Piazza Duomo

Gianluca Foresi (Source: artist's website http://www.gianlucaforesi.it/)

The Cortese has Giullar shows con

  • Fanfarenzug Meersburg
  • Ensemble Medioevo in Danza
  • Drums, Flags and trumpets Knights of Santa Fina
  • The rattles Tagatam
  • final show Light et Feast association art
Medioevo in Danza (Photo by Andrea Migliorini)
the lady of the moon

The Lady of the Moon (ARTEARE Association) San Gimignano (Photo Tina Fasulo)

Sunday 16 th June 2019: Blessing, the parade, the carousel of sticks

11.00 Rock of Montestaffoli

In Rocca visitors can find refreshment in taverna and dabble in the eye with medieval war machines.

In party with The rattles Tagatam

When we do not know what is on the ground ... sollazzi of rice with curamos Compagnie du Saint Macinello

San Gimignano medieval war machines
The medieval war machines

From 11.00 - Piazza della Cisterna

Entertainment by Dance Ensemble In the Middle Ages

11.30Porta San Giovanni Porta San Matteo

The Gates of the City

Parade of Flag-wavers of the Eagle City with performances at Porta San Giovanni.

12.00 - Piazza Duomo

The Sunday morning Piazza del Duomo is carried out according to the rite of preparation the Giostra dei Bastoni (horse race): The Rite of Purification, in which the minister of God blessed the horses and the public, followed by the greeting of the Podesta to the districts and the greeting of the First Citizen.

The Blessing of the Horses leave Messi San Gimignano
Photo by Andrea Migliorini
Podesta holidays put italyzeme

12.30 - Piazza Duomo -A magnificence of sounds

Group Exhibition Drums, Trumpets and flags Knights of Santa Fina. Al termine, walking towards the Rocca between odors of deschi-laid in the Taverna of Wonders.

flag bearers in San Gimignano
Sara Marrucci Photo

14.30 - Rock of Montestaffoli -Cupid Sleepless

Competition between the archers of the Four Districts of Santa Fina Knights

market medieval San Gimignano

15.00 – Piazza Duomo -Trumpets the great warriors clash

With the participation of Fanfarenzug Meersburg

16.00 - From Via San Matteo to Piazza del Duomo

Exhibition of Flag-wavers of the Eagle City

eagle flag wavers

17.00 - From Porta San Giovanni Porta San Matteo and the Parco della Rocca

Corteo delle Messi - After the performance of flag-waving of the City of L'Aquila from 17 on a river of colors and rollers will cross the streets of San Gimignano, from the main gates to the Rock of Montestaffoli.

the Parade Messi, composed of about 500 figures that follow Flora, Queen of Spring, seated on a chariot pulled by buoi.spettacolo unforgettable, a ritual beyond the dream, an ancient inspiration, with over 500 listed.


18.00 - Parco della Rocca

Giostra dei Bastoni - A breathtaking race to be the first to strike. A thrilling race, in even dangerous traits among the knights of the four Districts, whose purpose is to strike first, at the end of the path, a elmo supported on a pole by means of a stick, supplied to each rider.

19.30 - Piazza Duomo - The Golden Sword

The Podesta delivery to Knight won the Golden Sword, the scope coveted prize in the Giostra dei Bastoni, and to the winning Contrada Drappellone depicting Santa Fina and bearing the colors of the four Contradas, il logo dei Cavalieri e lo stemma del Comune di San Gimignano.

the Drappellone 2019

The Drappellone for the Giostra dei Bastoni 2019 It has been realized by Has Sergio The association's Last Supper and was presented Saturday in Piazza Duomo 8 th June 2019.

The image may contain: 4 seats, people standing and open space
The Mayor Andrea Marrucci; President Thomas Trosino; the artist Sergio Turi

The sponsors of the Harvest Holidays 2019

The association would like to thank the sponsors who made it possible with their contributions to support the dissemination of the festival.

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