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Medioevo in Rocca Middle Age in the fortress 14 September 2013

manifesto medioevo in rocca 2013Saturday 14 September 2013 in the grounds of the fortress of Montestaffoli in San Gimignano (SI), the Cavalieri di Santa Fina presents "Medioevo in Rocca" (Middle Age in the Fortress), historical-medieval exhibition, with drums, flags, dances and duels, eating and drinking in the company!

The drums and the figurants of the Contrade will parade through the streets of the city, alternating their departures from Porta San Giovanni and Porta San Matteo. The sound of the drums and the parade will lead you to the Rocca of Montestaffoli, ancient fortress where you can see medieval life scenes, admire the camp of the soldiers combining the seeing pleasure with the tasting one.. In fact you can taste the flavors of Tuscany at the counter held by the four Contrade. Here, , tireless workers, will serve bread soup, wine and grilled meat and you will be entertained by the performances of the groups:

  • Archers of Castelvecchio
  • Compagnia d'Arme of the Rocca of Montestaffoli
  • Medioevo in Danza
  • Drums and flags of San Gimignano

You will admire the perfect reconstruction of the camp of the armed medieval and play according to the medieval times 1300 in special areas that you could find, in this map.

medioevo in rocca san gimignano mappa map

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Moreover, the protagonists of the festival audience will be too!

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Thank you for listening and see you again soon in the Rock!
The appointment is from 10 to 22!

We entertain you with a video of the dances with the spectators from last year's "Medioevo in Rocca" a small photogallery.

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